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Minor changes, major improvement


Throughout Greater Greenville, Complete Homecare of America supplies and installs the best available adaptive equipment, including installing grab bars, installing ramps, removing bathtubs and installing walk-in showers. Our trained and experienced home modification specialists install each piece of equipment with great care, and take into account the specific needs of each client. We always use materials of the highest quality and make sure everything works exactly as it should.

We also know that little changes in the use of space, furniture arrangement, lighting, and storage can make a big difference. Still, preserving the familiar look and feel of a home is important too. That’s why we find creative ways to accomplish both. 


Below is a list of some of the adaptive equipment options available:


  • Grab Bars

  • Railings

  • Indoor / Outdoor Ramps

  • Walk-In / Roll-In Showers

  • Widen Doorways

  • Modify Bathrooms

  • Modify Kitchens

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